Selling Software Online

Back around 1999, while I launched producing my personal website design software package, there initially were hardly any ways of gathering payment from internet shoppers.

I went right to Visa, MasterCard as well as American Express and set up company accounts with each of them. The 3 provided diverse techniques of stepping into credit card details. I had to place each purchase. By hand. Straight into a software application ( that I think I recall buying for $400). Each night, we had to publish the bank card information. Over a dial up connection! 56k I think it was. Then every day, I’d get an email with the cards that went through.

Next I’d send out the software program to the buyer.

This internet business stuff was new in those days, so accumulating charge cards with no standard signature was quite complicated. It had become super easy for any end buyer to reverse the charges, or provide stolen bank cards.

They (the bank card companies) generated three to 4% of each deal. So not only did I loose the purchase if the purchaser reversed the charges, I’d loose the transaction costs, the bank fees and, of course, the particular sale.

Totally nuts I tells ya!

Everything is different at present. So different. Therefore much simpler.

There are several providers that can assist you now with selling online software. PayPal is extremely well-liked. I recommend locating a coder that will help you create your PayPal account ( I did this for my own website design software shop). You can work with a service like to find a coder that will link your down-loadable computer software with your own individual PayPal account.

There are also full service companies. and I’ve utilized both of them and they are wonderful. They require between 10 and 20% of your gross sales, but that’s their fee. They also handle fraud control and electronic downloads.

In addition they ensure it is easy to obtain any form of currency, in any language.

They have not only supplied ecommerce, but I’ve obtained several connections into the software world because of them. I’ve been thankful to meet people at of some firms I really respect. Symantec, Adobe, and online shops like

So if you are offering something on the web, anything that can be purchased and delivered electronically through the internet, these companies can work for you so that you can be your own boss.